Dr. Jeffrey Chung and associates can treat cosmetic dental flaws with Snap-On Smile® in Katy, Texas. Our talented dentists can improve the look of your smile when you visit Serenity Dental. If you are looking for a simple way to get the smile you deserve, call us at 281-310-1417 or visit us today to schedule an appointment.

Are you suffering from any of the following cosmetic imperfections to your teeth?

  • Irregular shape
  • Single or multiple missing
  • Crooked or crowded
  • Chips, cracks or breaks
  • Severe wear
  • Stains, yellowing or darkening
  • Gaps and spaces

If so, then our dentists may recommend Snap-On Smile as a fast and simple solution to improve the aesthetic of your smile. Snap-on Smile is a custom-built oral appliance that attaches to your existing teeth and covers any imperfections. With this treatment, there is no need to undergo any costly, long or painful procedures. All you need to do is snap your Snap-On Smile onto your teeth! This oral appliance is made from thin, strong resin that will match the shade that you choose.

You may be able to get Snap-On Smile even though you are not able to get dental implants or bridges. Please call or visit us today to learn more and make an appointment for a consultation with our dentists.