Are you looking to protect yourself from tooth decay? At Serenity Dental, our dentists, Dr. Jeffrey Chung and associates, can strengthen your teeth with fluoride treatments in Katy, Texas. Fluoride treatments are not just for kids and can be beneficial if you find yourself prone to tooth decay. Contact us today at 281-310-1417 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

We may recommend fluoride treatments to patients who do not get enough of it from their diet or with fluoridated toothpaste. This mineral is integral to strengthening your teeth and preventing cavities. Bacteria, sugars and acids constantly chip away and demineralize your teeth’s enamel as you eat and drink throughout the day. Fluoride can help remineralize your enamel, rebuilding and strengthening your teeth so that they are defended against disease and decay. It is very important for children to get enough fluoride as their teeth grow in.

Our dentists and team can give you a fluoride treatment during your regular checkup. Professional treatments are available in gel, varnish or foam. There are many ways, including fluoride treatments, that we can help protect your teeth. To learn more about how we can help you keep your smile healthy and happy, contact us today!