Sports mouth guards are important for individuals of any age who are involved in high-impact sports or activities. And while there are many organized sports teams that may not require a mouth guard, there are numerous reasons to wear one. In fact, the American Dental Association® reports that over five million Americans lose teeth in sports-related injuries each year. So, while you wear helmets, shoulder pads and other protective gear, remember to protect your smile, too!

Our high-quality, professional and customized sports mouth guards in Katy, Texas, are designed to protect your teeth and jaw from injury and can help prevent:

  • Tooth displacement
  • Injuries to soft tissues of the mouth
  • Jaw fractures
  • Tooth fractures
  • Fractured tooth roots
  • Knocked-out teeth

Sports and activities that we recommend wearing sports mouth guards for include football, soccer, wrestling, boxing, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, rugby, baseball, softball and skateboarding. No matter what physical activity you participate in, a mouth guard can help you avoid serious injury and extensive dental treatments in the future. Our mouth guards are also made to fit your smile perfectly so that you can feel comfortable as you enjoy your favorite sport. If you have any questions or want to meet with our dentists, Dr. Jeffrey Chung and associates, please call Serenity Dental today at 281-310-1417!